Monday, August 15, 2005

Just finished re-watching the first Harry Potter movie. I remember being impressed but a little disappointed with tiny things about the movie—I thought the big Quidditch match was a bit hard to follow, and it seemed they didn’t cover near as much as the book did, and the performances were excellent but not quite everything I’d hoped they’d be. Now, with distance, my complaints have vanished like smoke up a chimney. Sure, it’s not everything I wanted it to be…because I have my own version in my head, the book version, which is slightly different than the director’s version, which is slightly different than the editor’s version, which is slightly different than all the actors’ versions, etc., ad naseum. I don’t see how they could have done it better, given their constraints.

I’m thinking of watching the next one tomorrow night, and possibly nipping out the next day to grab The Prisoner of Azkaban, which I still haven’t seen, and watching it that night. This is to celebrate my completion of The Half-Blood Prince; I’m in a mood for Hogwarts and Harry.

It’s also fun to watch for certain lines and behaviors in characters, now that I know bits of their futures. There were a few lines that appeared to be almost throwaways, that are downright prophetic seen from the vantage point of book six.

Work was—like most Mondays—productive but not as much as I’d like to be. This was the second Monday in a row in which I spent the morning organizing my projects, prioritizing my work. It makes the day feel short and relatively unproductive, but last week I was so much more aware of my priorities and able to schedule my work properly that I think it’s well worth it. It was certainly like that today, which was so chaotic I twice had to completely rewrite my scheduled work for the day. But I got the most important things done anyway, as well as the urgent.

I got home to find an e-mail from an Otherspace employee, with the latest Otherspace online comic, this one introducing Saalon. So I posted that, and took the opportunity to refactor the comics pages so that they’ll display archived comics properly.

Then, just to highlight the issue of Importance versus Urgency, over the course of two hours I received and made half a dozen phone calls from and to various friends. We’re trying to schedule a going-away party for a girl who’s going off to college, and everyone had settled on this Friday night. Well, I couldn’t because of Otakon, and someone else dropped out, so we were trying to reschedule for another night. So I dropped what I was doing and made the appropriate phone calls and did some research, and we got that resolved, and I went back to my work. Boom.

I do love being organized.

Now if only I’d done all the things on my to-do list that I ignored so that I could re-watch the first Harry Potter movie….

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