Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Mom just left after a wonderful evening. Don’t have time to describe my day in detail, but briefly: I’ve read some fascinating, thought-provoking books, and applied them today, which has been enlightening. My Mom worked on lining my curtains while I baked cupcakes and made deviled eggs for the party tomorrow. We then watched The Twins Effect, a Hong Kong vampire romantic comedy action flick. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, note the new survey I’ve added to the middle of the page. I tossed it together today at work in some spare time, and it seems to work fine. Surveys may not stay around for more than a day or two, so if you want to vote, vote early.

Also note that you can add an option to the survey. When you do, you automatically vote once for that option. Why am I doing this? To offer you a voice. I’d like my website to be a bit more of a dialogue than it’s been in the past, and this is a way to let you provide your own answers to the questions I plan to ask you.

So, please, if a survey’s options don’t satisfy you, add your own. HTML is automatically stripped, and you can’t post links at all (I want to prevent forum spam from the get-go).

I’ve also shuffled the contents of the middle column a bit, moving the latest photograph further down the column, so the recent books stay near the top.

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