Tuesday, October 11, 2005

And I’m back out of business. That cold nabbed me again, and I spent the last three days in bed. I’m just well enough to come to work today, but I suspect I’ll crash again tonight.

I have been watching some anime. Specifically:

  • The new Ah My Goddess TV show, which is moving along slowly but entertainingly. Overall, I’d grade it a “B”. I’m a bit frustrated that by episode five only Belldandy has shown up. No major complaints otherwise.
  • Planetes, an awesome hard SF show. Seriously high-quality, adult storylines (and not in the pornographic sense). This is clearly made by people who love the idea of realistic space work.
  • Fafner, a show with all the trappings of a giant robot show that nevertheless handles them all perfectly. This is what I want in a giant robot show.
  • Smatterings of various Gundam shows of various quality. I’m having fun, learning about bits of the Gundam universe that aren’t known to the casual fan. ZZ Gundam is almost straight comedy.

More once I’ve recovered. Which hopefully won’t be too long.

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