Gifts for Others and Myself

Spent the afternoon Christmas shopping, it being Black Friday and all. I surprised myself: I have presents (or know exactly what I’ll be ordering online) for everyone on my list. I usually suck at Christmas presents, but this year, for some reason, I’m on the ball, and early. Now if I can just get all these presents shipped in time, which is one disadvantage of having so many online friends.

[Journal Cover]

While I was out, I bought a few things for myself, including a Hartley & Marks journal, the Generatio. Its cover is the beautiful image from the Book of Kells above. I’ve resisted buying an expensive journal, but I’ve also heard that you’ll write more if you own things that make you want to write. And I’ve been wanting to write in this thing ever since I laid it out on my desk. So, I suppose, it’s true.

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