Sorry for the long down-time. Our server died almost exactly a week ago, and we’ve had some trouble with our provider in getting it back up and running. Suffice to say that we appear to be back to normal.

It’s been a nice day, really, dependig on your definition of “nice.” It’s been cold and drizzly all day, but that’s felt cozy to me. Perhaps it’s because this feels like the first real day of winter we’ve had. It’s been cold lately, but only recently has the wind swept through and tugged most of the leaves off the trees. Now, the naked trees standing against a stark grey sky symbolize winter. It feels like the perfect day to wrap yourself in a blanket, wrap one hand around a mug of hot chocolate (complete with wraiths of steam dancing above the rim) and with the other hand open a good novel. The Three Musketeers or Treasure Island would be good; something adventuruous and out of the ordinary. Something to take you away from the blasted cold and rain.

I spent the weekend at Anime USA, mostly sitting behind a table at Artist’s Alley. I didn’t sell anything, but I talked to a fair number of folks, and gave away a lot of business cards. It was a success in the sense that I got the word out, though it was certainly a failure financially. Oh well. I’m just not a salesperson.

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