Okay. Based on some excellent advice from a reader of this blog—and the advice of Tom Peters—I’ve decided to pare down my list of projects again.

As you may recall, I recently pared down my list of projects (see my February 17th entry) from about fifteen to seven. That list shifted around a bit as some of those projects shifted into maintenance mode and others were added, but as of yesterday, I still had seven significant ongoing duties. I’m cutting that down to four. And one of those four will be toned down.

  • Otherspace remains unchanged.
  • I’ll keep blogging.
  • I’ll continue to cook, since I really do love doing that.
  • I’ll still be keeping up with admin on this web server, but I’m going to move into a less active role. I won’t worry as much about checking logs every day.
  • I’m going to stop my Syllable work, so that I’m only “on call” to fix bugs on the website, blog occcasionally in Syllable Labs and generally play around with the operating system and the community. E.g., a few minutes of attention here and there, totally at my leisure.
  • Giant Armors, my young adult novel, is going on hiatus for the next month or so. Once the month has passed, I’ll re-evaluate whether I have the time to finish it.
  • RPG nights with some local friends will have to go on hiatus, too. They’ve been really busy with schoolwork lately anyway, so if we pause now, we can re-start in the summer and have plenty of time to play and get into a rhythm.

I feel really good about these changes. I didn’t realize until last night just how creatively drained I am, and how much I’d benefit from plenty of time off from my various responsibilities.


Andre yeah … i guess you should do what feels good…
Anonymous Sounds good, one should do as many projects as they feel comfortable with. Otherwise things may be really painful and annoying after a while.

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