A Big Vacation

Not sure if any Otherspace employees read this blog, but if so, this entry won’t be a surprise to them, at least.

On Saturday, I announced that I’m taking a one-month vacation from Otherspace. I’ll complete whatever work that really requires me and nobody else (like submitting tax paperwork), but other than that I’m taking a break.

Why? I’m not having fun any more. I’m tired. The work feels like a big slog that I have to push through. I’m increasingly realizing that I’ll have to devote the larger part of the next ten years of my life to establishing this company (to the point that it’s making a profit), and I’m not sure I want to do that now. And there are all the various pressures and frustrations of managing a handful of employees.

Which is not a slam against them; they’re great people. The one thing I still enjoy about Otherspace is meeting and chatting with them. I have a great time meeting with them, but it’s the same fun I’d get if we all got together and munched on nachos while watching a movie.

As I write this, I realize that I may be sounding ungrateful. I’ve made a studio where my ideas are given form and come to life. This is cool, but it’s not enough. Not enough payback for all the pushing that I have to do. At least, not in Otherspace’s current form.

Which, in turn, is not to say that I’m planning to give up on Otherspace. But I am tired, and I need to get some distance and figure out just what I need to fix to make this satisfying for me again.

Because I will not toil through life, unhappy, in thrall to some distant shadow of contentment. And I hope you never do.


Stephen Good advice, but there are times when toiling is required to reach a greater benefit than could be acquired without.

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