Sunday, April 9, 2006

I went out on Friday night to Blues Alley, where I and a date watched Jack Jones perform.

Boy, was I nervous. Felt ill all day. Freaked out at the idea of taking a date in to Washington, D.C. and into an alley where we’d be in a blues club. Very, very much outside of my regular comfort zone.

And I had a wonderful time. Jack was great, my date was great, and I just had a great time eating chocolate cake, sipping from a tall glass of iced tea, listening to an accomplished performer swing his way through “Not While I’m Around” and, of all things, “For Once In My Life.” All I had to do was push through to the actual event, and I had a grand time.

Even walking outside to the pouring rain was fun, as we joked and laughed our way to a bus stop, and from there to the Metro station. And then, I went home, to a dry bed.



shadrone Some of the best things in life are found after you push yourself outside your comfort zone. Live life for the experiences.
Anonymous SCORE!!!!

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