My Beef With Relaxing

Following on to some comments I’ve made here recently about resting and relaxing and not getting too much of it in, here’s the beef I have with relaxation:

I don’t mind relaxing. Especially taking out an hour or so to do something fun (read a book, watch a TV show, putter around in the garden; whatever). But I think that “boom and bust cycles” usually signal that something is wrong. If I have to spend a full 48-hour period totally zoning out, that means something is out of whack. It means I pushed myself too hard in the previous, say, week.

So the question becomes, how do I resolve this? Seems like I need to take more time to relax throughout my week. Not sure how I can do that; I’m already taking a good twenty-minute walk at lunch at work, and taking a tea break in mid-afternoon, and spending an hour or two every evening watching anime or otherwise not producing.

Anyone have any suggestions? How do you relax?


Gret I relaxe by playing video games, perhaps poker online, something that I can focus on without distractions, but that won’t take up to much energy. It helps to get my mind zoned back in.
KEM Are you sure that the time you’re setting aside for relaxation isn’t becoming time set aside for another “activity”? Even free time can be made into a “To Do” item, in which case you’ll only maintain your tensions instead of losing them.

I usually work through the day and then give myself 2 hours in the evening, plus dinner and some slight reading right before bed. This usually gives me the break I need to recharge.

Stephen I’m not sure I understand the question. I relax by…relaxing? I think I’m just always relaxed. Kind of a Zen thing I guess.
Stephen Maybe you are overthinking all this. It sounds like you are trying to make relaxation into work. Because if the only reason you relax is so that you can work better you’re somewhat missing the point. Alan Watts had a great quote about this, I’ll see if I can dig it up this weekend.
Stephen Dug up. On my blog. Jack + Play = Work?

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