Monday, May 29, 2006

Had a fun Memorial Day with my parents. All we did was go to the grocery store then stayed home and chatted, but that was great. It’s a real blessing to have parents with which that’s fun.

Came home and tried a bit of meditation. I recently read an excellent article about meditation, which re-encouraged me to try it. So I spent five minutes sitting on the floor, consciously quieting my mind.

It was a very powerful experience. Afterwards, I felt much more alive and focused on the moment.

Then, after practicing a bit of Tai Chi, I watched some more Gundam Wing. It’s a much better show than I’d remembered, to be honest. It has a surprising amount of real, tense drama. The characters…well, they’re not especially complex, but then this is fiction. The characters are very well-balanced; they play off each other in fascinating ways.

I’m trying to think of an example, but nothing really comes to mind. And I need sleep anyway, and I’m not going to sacrifice any more sleep than I have already. I respect my body too much for that.

And so, I go to bed.

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