Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My jaw’s been sore for the past few days, still healing from my dental appointment last week. At least it seems to be hurting less. But a painful jaw should get you out of anything. You should be able to say only, “My jaw hurts,” and boom! Time off from work, discounts at Starbuck’s, and an empty lane in front of you on the road.

In any event, I feel like I’m slipping away from my goals. I’ve spent time doing things that are good, but that don’t support my goals. Things like cleaning, checking physical mail, talking to friends, etc. And a lot of it has been tiring me out. On the other hand, I have been doing good things instead of pointless things (surfing the web, etc.).

And it’s not that I don’t want to relax or spend time “off;” I’ve just been…I don’t know. Feeling the need to get this stuff done, I guess.

Maybe I’m just backsliding into busy-work without relaxation. Or maybe my jaw’s just making me grumpy.

Had a bit of a scare today: I received a phone call mid-morning from my tenant, informing me that her car was towed this morning. Ugh; I felt terrible for her, and I felt really bad myself about having to deal with this. I zipped home as quickly as I could to get the name of the towing place, but meanwhile her boyfriend was able to get the car. And I’ve wanted to talk to her about it, but she works nights, so she probably won’t get in until the wee hours.

…My jaw hurts.


Stephen Why was her car towed? That sucks.
Brent I think she accidentally parked next to a fire hydrant. It’s in an odd little curb on an out-of-the-way street corner, so it’s easy to do. I’ve parked there myself, in the past, without seeing the hydrant.

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