Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Annoyingly, I have no idea how long this will be available for, but High Moon Studios put together a short, parody-style interview video about their experiences with Scrum (an Agile Programming methodology). Very well done.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling better. Which is a bit surprising, considering that I got about four hours of sleep last night. My jaw ached and I just didn’t want to go to bed, so I read more of Seth Godin‘s All Marketers Are Lairs and played around with this website a bit.

I’ve always tried to make this website clean, straightforward, and easy-to-use. The problem is, that doesn’t describe me, and increasingly I think I should make this website more like me. So I’m playing around with a library-ish feel for this site. After all, I am a quiet, introspective, library-ish kind of guy.

What do you all think of the new layout?


Brennen I actually think this looks cleaner than the old one, somehow. Not bad. There is kind of an unresolved feeling that the boxes extend off the screen and I should scroll or something, but overall it works.
Anonymous The colors look fine on this lcd.
Anonymous Fine? Colors. LCD here.
Animom I like it.
KEM Nice! Much easier on the eyes!
Stephen You should check the colors on a CRT. On our laptops the colors look ok, but on the CRT they don’t look so well.
Brennen I actually think they’re ok on the (hulking, mediocre) 21″ Dell-branded Sony thing I just bought. Though I wonder if Stephen is using a Mac desktop — I feel like I’ve noticed the Mac/PC gamma difference thing (to use very technical language) affecting background & text colors before.
Brennen (OTOH, Brent probably designed the thing on a Mac. Either way, I use the word “actually” far too often.)
Brent Yeah, the background color has quite a bit more purple on my CRT at work. Hmmm. Don’t quite have a good solution at this time. Hmmmm.
Brent I’ve tweaked it to make it a bit more brown. It looks better on my work CRT now.
Animom The colors appear to be brown and beige on my PC.

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