Friday, June 9, 2006

Okay, I’m enjoying a breather at work, so I now have some time to actually write something here.

It’s been a bruiser of a week. Just going non-stop, all day, every day. Evenings, too. I get home and realize that I’m out of, say, eggs. So a trip to the grocery store. Or I have a scheduled phone call with somebody. Or something.

And work…well, I’ve realized that I’ve shifted into a new paradigm at work. My time is no longer my own. I’m in a service job now.

When I started with this company, I was updating documents, which is a highly self-directed job. Sure, documents might come it at any time and I needed to update them, but I got to schedule my time. I could make time for peer reviews and other meetings.

Now that I’m handling builds, I have to respond to other people’s schedules and crises. If someone comes in with a problem, I have to be able to juggle what I’m doing with responding to their work. Which is fine. Just…really tiring.

But I’m feeling better now. Had a good time with my folks last night, mostly talking, and helping them out with some technical problems. I would look forward to a relaxing weekend, except I know I’ll spend much of it working on the server. But…at least I’ll be home.

And I can look forward to my vacation. Oh, probably haven’t mentioned that: I’m taking off Wednesday through Friday of next week, and have basically no plans. Will just stay at home, relaxing, enjoying life. Can’t wait.


shadrone Yeah, don’t ya hate it when people at work don’t fill in the paperwork correctly?
Brent LOL

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