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On Happiness

So I’ve had a rough week. At work, I’ve been filling in for a co-worker, taking on all of her responsibilities in addition to my own all week. I spent most of my days responding to near-constant requests for builds, reports, etc. There were a few periods of “down time,” but it was a lot of pressure. And I discovered that pressure kills my creativity. I arrived home every night and crashed, watching MST3K or just reading. I couldn’t even read […]

This Week In Business

Staying offline for a whole week at a time proved inefficient. I would want to research an actor or a story, and by the time Saturday rolled around the originating need was overtaken by events. So, okay, I’ll come online twice a week. And what a week it’s been. I’m in a team of three, all of whom do roughly the same thing but on different programs. One of my teammates is on vacation this week, so I’m servicing all of her […]


Amazing, really, how things that seem so meaningless can actually be so true. I’ve been reading the Tao Te Ching. Its sayings have dovetailed with what I’ve been learning in my daily meditations, that external knowledge is less important than internal knowledge. That the path to true peace begins (and ends?) inside one’s own being. Take away your thoughts and your feelings, […]

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I’ve had a tough week at work. I’ve been working on several major problems, all of them big technical headaches with no clear path forward. I managed to fix them—I think—on Friday afternoon, so at least I don’t have to worry about them this weekend. As a result, I’ve been arriving home and crashing at night. Haven’t felt like making or doing much of anything. I’m tired of stir-fry, which has been a staple […]

Experiments and Anime

I’m in day three of an experiment: Except for checking e-mails and blogs, I’m only accessing the internet during one block of time on the weekend. The experiment started when my laptop died on Thursday. I came home and, while I knew I could jump onto the internet using my secondary laptop (the one I plan to sell once I’ve convinced myself that I haven’t forgotten anything else on it), I decided to just ignore the internet for the night. I did, and enjoyed […]

July 4, 2006

Well, this has been a practically perfect day. I’m sitting on the forest green cushions of my window seat, looking out at the fireworks being set off by my neighbors down the street (they’re Hispanic; they’ve hung an American flag in front of their house). A car just beeped merrily at the fireworks as it passed. To my left, I can see my downstairs bathroom, which has been almost completely renovated today; we put down baseboards, […]

July 1, 2006

Today, I drank deeply from the cup of life. It tasted like clear, crystalline water. It tasted like the purest honey. It tasted like a snowflake fallen fresh on the tongue. It was a full, rich, satisfying day. Brennen and the Future Brennen wrote: today, i felt that we live in an age beyond everythingi thoughtit is not that we have passed some thresholdit is that there are […]

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