July 1, 2006

Today, I drank deeply from the cup of life.

It tasted like clear, crystalline water. It tasted like the purest honey. It tasted like a snowflake fallen fresh on the tongue.

It was a full, rich, satisfying day.

Brennen and the Future

Brennen wrote:

today, i felt that we live in an age beyond everythingi thoughtit is not that we have passed some thresholdit is that there are no lines left to crosswe are not even moving on that axisany morethe future was, oncei sometimes think of it fondly but with no hopethe thin tracery of its memoryused to be hard and full of lightbut now we have almost forgotten it.

As I wrote on his Wala…Nah. We’re still moving, just not towards the future we envisioned. It’s one of the problems with SF; people don’t want to live in the hard-edged, jumpsuited future of golden age (or silver age) SF. The future won’t be a radical departure from the past. Which makes it harder to envision.

I think this is a good thing for all of us, though. There are a lot of things I want to save.

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