On Happiness

So I’ve had a rough week.

At work, I’ve been filling in for a co-worker, taking on all of her responsibilities in addition to my own all week. I spent most of my days responding to near-constant requests for builds, reports, etc. There were a few periods of “down time,” but it was a lot of pressure.

And I discovered that pressure kills my creativity. I arrived home every night and crashed, watching MST3K or just reading. I couldn’t even read much; I’d get a headache after a while. Which is like Richard Simmons getting a headache after five minutes of exercise.

I left work a little early on Friday, after finishing almost everything that was asked of me. I swung by the grocery store, picked up food for the week, arrived home, put the food away, started to make dinner…and realized that I was looking forward to dinner. I wanted to be creative with it. The week was over, and I felt normal again. And I hadn’t felt that way for at least ten days.

Friday evening was spent enjoying myself. I made some ice cream and munched on caramel popcorn while reading more of The Suit (an excellent book on men’s clothing), both cats laying next to me, their eyelids drooping.

I felt happy. Haven’t felt that in a while, either.

Saturday (today) was a blast. I made some pizza, did a few satisfying errands, finished The Suit, and had my parents over for a hugely enjoyable dinner (I made hamburgers and oven fries, a meal I’m still just learning to make).

So I feel like I’m back in business. Ready for action. And next weekend is Otakon. Whew.


Cantnever aka Animom Fantastic! Glad you’re recovering and ready for a new week. :o)

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