Miscellany Born From Exhaustion

I’m back from Otakon 2006. It was exhausting but great fun; got to hang out with several friends. It’s always much better with friends than alone. Infinitely better.

I’ve gone to quite a few anime conventions alone. In fact, I think I spent Otakons 2001 through 2004 alone, as well as my visits to Katsucon. The only reason I wasn’t alone at last year’s Otakon was because I was with the Otherspace crew.

I’ve posted a report along with photos of some cosplayers.

I had a tiring day at work, though it’s a good kind of tiring. I realized that I have to change a viewpoint I wrote about earlier; I wrote that my job is half self-directed and half service of others. It’s actually all service of others. Even the self-directed bit is there to help other people.

See, I’ve been frustrated by the number of people who stop by my cube to ask me a question or ask me to do a build as soon as possible. But that’s my job, to answer questions and do builds as requested. (Though folks are supposed to give me some notice ahead of time for builds.)

…ugh. My apologies; I can’t write tonight. Though perhaps I feel that way because I’ve been reading my precious copy of unrequited poetry, a book of poetry containing some of Brennen‘s work (source). There’s a lot of fantastic poetry in here. One of my favorites, by CarolAnn Bearnes:

Drag bare feet through sun-warmed gravel, shifting the impressions leftbehind by passing cars—altering memories in the mind of a countryroad. Clouds drift by like children’sdaydreams, on the run, and words are vacantshells that cannot holdthe sound of abumblebeeinspecting my hand, or the waymomentsfold in on themselves.

Sorry, I’m bushed. That’s all I can write today.


Brennen I’m glad you approve. (Especially as my first paying customer…)

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