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Thursday, August 31, 2006

I know, I know, I haven’t been updating at all. I feel bad, a bit. But, well, (1) I’ve had no ‘net connection; I haven’t even been online in the past two days. And (2) I’ve been supporting my customer at work as they audit all our work (including my work), make sure all our “i”s are dotted and our “t”s are crossed. The customer’s great, but it’s just exhausting to constantly […]

The Mulching and the Digging

My gardening sprint continues. I spent a good chunk of this morning staring at my front yard, trying to figure out how to make it look less bland. For reference, here’s what it looked like three months ago. I’ve decided to put a low shrub border along the sidewalk, then build several sweeping stone walls to create curved borders going up both sides of the walkway. Then fill those borders […]

Tech Support

An update on the thrilling saga of my DSL: I don’t have any anymore. The promised tech support phone call on Wednesday never happened, and coincidentally I got a flyer in the mail that day, advertising Verizon DSL for half the price of Earthlink. So I signed up for Verizon and cancelled my Earthlink account on Thursday. Which was not without its surprises: While on the phone with Earthlink cancelling my account, the Earthlink rep asked me if the tech rep […]

Ultimate Disc Throwing!

So I played my first game of Ultimate Frisbee yesterday. And boy, my muscles are tired. I feel like I’ve been hit by a car. I had fun, though. The rules are relatively straightforward; one team plays defense and throws the disc to the team playing offense, then tries to prevent the offense team from getting the disc to their end of the field. If you catch the disc, you can’t walk or run from that spot; […]

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If you’ve sent me an e-mail in the past day or so, I’m afraid I haven’t seen it. My apologies, but after intermittent internet connection problems over the past few weeks, my DSL router at home has decided to completely die stop transmitting data. So I spent a good chunk of yesterday evening on the phone with Earthlink, trying to convince tech support that, yes, I’d already reset the modem, but yes, […]

THX on Tap

Came home last night after a busy day at work (that’s become a theme, hasn’t it? And a good thing; keeps me from being deathly bored), tossed some laundry in the machine, vacuumed my bedroom (for the first time in months), and headed outside. I dug up about two square feet of soil, added some good garden soil, and went back inside. Seems odd, but I’m experimenting with spending ten […]

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I’ve had a very busy weekend; apologies to various friends for not being as responsive as usual (Mandy, in particular). My parents have been over, installing a new counter top in my kitchen, replacing the faucet, and doing a few other touch-ups around the house. Since I moved in, I’ve had a bunch of renovations to be done. Now most of them are done (at least, it feels like most of them are done; hard to tell […]

Something’s Different

So I saw Snakes on a Plane yesterday evening, and had a truly unique experience. The film itself was a perfect summer blockbuster. It knew exactly when to be silly, when to have action, when to slip in some comedy, and when to move the plot along. The characters were cardboard and the plot was obvious, but this is a summer blockbuster. It’s not supposed to be Deep; it’s meant to be thoroughly entertaining. And that […]


Just stumbled on A Nice Cup of Tea, a short article on tea making by George Orwell. As always, well-written and thought provoking, even when writing about tea. I certainly prefer tea to other drinks, and I always take it without sugar or milk (unless I’m ill and want something sweet that will go down easily). But when it comes to style and flavor, I admit that I prefer fruit-flavored tea to the stronger Darjeelings […]


And I still can’t get rid of a nagging cough left over from the Hungarian Death Plague. How long can it take? Guess I shouldn’t be complaining, though; I could have serious complications and be unable to breathe for the rest of my life. There’s always that. Anyway. A good day. Dropped off some old things at Goodwill, so there are no more piles of clothes laying around my bedroom. (They’re under […]

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