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An update on the thrilling saga of my DSL: I don’t have any anymore. The promised tech support phone call on Wednesday never happened, and coincidentally I got a flyer in the mail that day, advertising Verizon DSL for half the price of Earthlink. So I signed up for Verizon and cancelled my Earthlink account on Thursday.

Which was not without its surprises: While on the phone with Earthlink cancelling my account, the Earthlink rep asked me if the tech rep had been by my house yet. I blinked and asked what she meant. She said that they’d already dispatched a tech to check the line at my house. Well, that would have been helpful to know.

But I cancelled anyway. I felt even more justified by that decision when I received an automated phone call this morning, asking me to talk to them about my open trouble ticket. So they haven’t even closed the ticket, despite cancelling my entire account. Great. I have no faith in this company anymore.

I’ve learned two things from this and my experiences with iPower:

  • If you get a tech who asks you to repeat things you’ve already done, or who doesn’t appear to know what s/he’s talking about, politely end the call and call back. There are good techs at these companies; you just have to be willing to end a call with the bad ones.
  • If there’s a persistent problem, do not hesitate to ask to speak to a manager. Managers have a remarkable ability to resolve your problems magically and immediately. Saalon believes this is partly because managers don’t want to be bothered with these things, so they’ll use their power to get rid of you as quickly as possible.

Getting back to Verizon: Thus far, I’ve been impressed with Verizon’s service. I received my hardware the day after I signed up, and it included Mac instructions as well as PC instructions. I only have two frustrations: their Flash-based installation program had an error at one point, and I have to wait a few days for my account to activate before I can get online. But even those are minor annoyances.


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