Something’s Different

So I saw Snakes on a Plane yesterday evening, and had a truly unique experience.

The film itself was a perfect summer blockbuster. It knew exactly when to be silly, when to have action, when to slip in some comedy, and when to move the plot along. The characters were cardboard and the plot was obvious, but this is a summer blockbuster. It’s not supposed to be Deep; it’s meant to be thoroughly entertaining. And that it is.

Though I suspect I’ll have a tough time watching it alone, without the benefit of an audience full of enthusiastic teens and young adults.

Which brings me to the truly unique experience. Near the end, when Sam Jackson said, “I’ve had it!,” the guys sitting behind me said, “Oh, yeah!” and started screaming the Big Line. And the folks in front of me followed suit. And I ended up screaming out the Big Line with them.

We were all yelling out a line that none of us had seen before. It’s the line they specifically added into the movie because fans requested it.

What does that say about the future of filmmaking? Probably nothing; I doubt that anyone in the film industry is paying any attention to Snakes on a Plane. But that feels like the first tremor in a big quake to me. It feels like the first shot in a war.

Would it really be so bad if Hollywood started listening to fans?


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