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Another Inkscape tutorial

Just uploaded another tutorial to Inkscape Tutorials, “Creating Text with a Dropshadow.” I could use a less bland name for the Inkscape Tutorials site. Any suggestions? Comments: Brennen Inktut Scapetorials? Stephen Inkscape Methods? Anonymous Really amazing! Keep working. I enjoyed me visit. Brennen spambot Brennen (I could be wrong about that, incidentally, but you might want to check your comment code, Brent — I think I may […]

The Garden

They say that the opposite of hate is not love, but indifference. Well then, I have a love/indifference relationship with my garden. There are days when I love puttering around out there, amongst the plants and flowers and mulch. And there are many more days when I see no point in it all. They’re just plants. Let ’em live their own lives. This is a particular problem now, […]


The lamps bathe the soft beiges of the living room in soft, warm light. The cats lay on the couches, sleepily staring at me sideways. Freshly-baked muffins cool on a rack, while chocolate chip cookies patiently scent the house from their hiding places in the oven. My Bible lays open on my lap as I dive through Romans chapter four, which I’m now reading at full comprehension for the first time in my life. It was a long, busy day […]

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nothing quite like a walk around town to make one feel a little more alive. Helps after spending the past four days locked up in the house. Which is not exactly fair; on Friday my parents were kind enough to bring out some emergency rations (ginger ale and baked beans; what better for when you don’t want to cook? Except chicken noodle soup, which none of us thought […]

Inky Silence

Sorry for the silence; I came down with some sort of Death Plague that laid me in bed since Wednesday. I seem to be mostly over it by now, though. Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded a few Inkscape tutorials (since removed) in the hopes that it will help others learn that wonderful tool. And there seems to be very few decent Inkscape tutorials out there. Comments: Brennen I dig the Inkscape stuff. […]


I’ve been playing around with Inkscape, a graphical editing program. That’s a clunky description, I realize, but there are about five hundred and twenty-three different applications that “manipulate images,” and it seems each does something slightly different than the rest. None can be described in three words. Anyway, Inkscape lets you draw vector-based graphics, which means when you draw a line, the program remembers […]

Miscellany Born From Exhaustion

I’m back from Otakon 2006. It was exhausting but great fun; got to hang out with several friends. It’s always much better with friends than alone. Infinitely better. I’ve gone to quite a few anime conventions alone. In fact, I think I spent Otakons 2001 through 2004 alone, as well as my visits to Katsucon. The only reason I wasn’t alone at last year’s Otakon was because I was […]

Outstanding Anime

A friend of mine was recently complaining that there’s no good anime coming out these days. I disagreed, strongly, but could only come up with a few examples off the top of my head. Here’s a more complete list, of shows that have come out in the past year: Eureka 7 — A fusion of giant mecha and Cowboy Bebop. As of disc one, at least; who knows where this will go? […]

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