The Garden

They say that the opposite of hate is not love, but indifference. Well then, I have a love/indifference relationship with my garden.

There are days when I love puttering around out there, amongst the plants and flowers and mulch. And there are many more days when I see no point in it all. They’re just plants. Let ’em live their own lives.

This is a particular problem now, as I’m in a “love” upswing. I’ve been watering and weeding and trimming every evening for the past couple of days, happily envisioning a much bigger, tamer, more colorful garden.

But I know that will end. What will sustain my garden during the dull times? I’ve tried setting aside five minutes a day to maintain my garden, and like most things I do so enthusiastically for a week or two, then fall out of the habit. I have too many things that need five minutes a day (e-mail, snailmail, blogs, my tickler file, my library, meditation, scripture reading, Tai Chi…). I don’t get to all of that every day as it is.

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