Sunday, August 13, 2006

Nothing quite like a walk around town to make one feel a little more alive. Helps after spending the past four days locked up in the house.

Which is not exactly fair; on Friday my parents were kind enough to bring out some emergency rations (ginger ale and baked beans; what better for when you don’t want to cook? Except chicken noodle soup, which none of us thought of). And on Saturday, I went to Guy’s Night Out, though the featured attraction was a miss. Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman (the original), a boring pseudo-morality tale that took two hours to get to the cool giant stuff, and was full of bland, evil characters. Pah.

We did get to see the pilot episode of the new Doctor Who, and wow is it fantastic! No, seriously, I loved every minute of it, and not in a cheesy retro way. They managed to update it without losing certain essential elements (like the TARDIS). And the new Doctor is perfect; quick on his feet, very intelligent, rather scattered, and morally a bit ambiguous.

Meanwhile, today was spent at home, mainly getting back on my feet after the Death Plague last week. Paid some bills online—and why doesn’t everyone else do this? I can pay all my bills in under ten minutes, every other week.

Anyvay. I discovered I had some cash left over, so I ordered six identical webcams online. I plan to also buy a bunch of USB headsets and give one of each to my various friends spread throughout the land, so we can use Skype to talk with each other using video. Now I just wish Skype allowed videoconferencing, so that myself, Saalon, and Brennen could be in the same videophone call together. Ah well, certainly someday.

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