A girl

I’m working on an animation idea. Here’s your chance to influence an animation (well, a possible animation) at its earliest stage.

What do you think of this girl?

[Girl concept drawing]
Drawn by Monica Marier

I’m looking for general impressions and ideas. What’s her personality? What does she like to do in her spare time? What’s her favorite dessert?


Gret To me she seems like the typical unhappily married wife that always has a cigarette in her hand, and never gets her hair done…but I know nothing about animation.
Cantnever May I ask, what is she looking at? It looks like an IBM ball for those old typewriters…???
Anonymous Hi all. nice site.
Brent She’s holding a magic item of immense power, that’s just accidentally frozen her parents into statues.
Cantnever What’s her personality? (Yet to be discovered… but her expression tells me she loves her parents.) What does she like to do in her spare time? (Explore, ride her bike, and study the clouds.) What’s her favorite dessert? (chocolate pudding)
Brennen Man, I *hate* it when my immediate family gets turned into statuary. Wait, is “statuary” a word?

Based on the flowers in the hair, I think she probably plays frisbee.

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