8 Feb 07

Random self-improvement suggestions:

  • Once a week, cook a big meal that’ll provide enough leftovers to last a few days. Chili, soup, and stew are easy.
  • Explore a unique interest of yours.
  • Exercise three times a week for twenty minutes.
  • When next you shop for groceries, avoid the chips aisle and instead buy cheese, vegetables that you like, and a favorite salad dressing. Don’t even bother making a salad; eat ’em raw.
  • Drive to the nearest park and wander around. Explore a part you’ve never walked through before.
  • Go to the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army store, and buy a used bread machine for about $15. Make bread twice a week.
  • Remove all cash, credit cards, and checks from your purse or wallet, drive to your favorite shopping location, and window shop for at least two hours. Keep a running tally of all the things you’re not buying.
  • Put a book on your dining room table. When you’re done with dinner, read for at least ten minutes.
  • Spend at least twenty minutes eating dinner (not preparing it; eating it). Judge the flavor and consistency of the food.

Note: Pick no more than three of the above suggestions to attempt in any given week. Also note: I don’t do all of the above. But I wish I did.

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