9 Feb 07

From my sixth grade creative writing textbook:

  1. Awareness — A creative person notices things that others overlook or are not even interested in. He also tries to see below the surface or the outside appearance of things.
  2. Imagination — A creative person is able to look at simple things from different points of view and find enjoyment and appreciation in them.
  3. Wonder — A creative person wonders about new and better ways to do things or to express himself. To a creative person, a problem becomes an opportunity to show his creativity.
  4. Courage — A creative person is not discouraged when other people think that his ideas are silly. He believes in what he is doing.
  5. Dedication — A creative person is willing to work—and rework—until he achieves his best. He is always jotting down words and ideas that he can use later.
  6. Enthusiasm — A creative person is high-spirited. He is enthusiastic about the works and successes of others, and he is eager to improve and to help others improve. He enjoys life and is eager to share his enjoyment.

That’s really good advice.

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