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31 Jul 07

Hot today. Full-scale summer hot. Not brutally oppressive, not yet; that’s for August. But when there’s a good twenty degree difference between outside and outside, you don’t stay out much. Which is a shame. If I were still a kid, I’d love this weather. You can work up a good sweat when it’s hot. Run […]

30 Jul 07

A grey, drizzly, London-by-Foglight morning. I felt subdued as I drove in to work, my radio silent in deference to this week’s Media Fast. Ah! The Media Fast. This is my second in as many years. I spend a week avoiding all broadcast media: TV, DVDs, movies, newspapers, magazines, books, the world wide web, and […]

29 Jul 07

A quiet day of heat and rain. It began with a jog in the dense mugginess of a D.C. area summer. A few clouds provided scant, thin cover for the sun. But they muscled in and eventually obliterated it. By mid-afternoon, I was back from church and my parents had come over with the dogs, […]

28 Jul 07

This morning, a trip to the farmer’s market. In My Neighbor Totoro, Satsuki compares her neighbor’s vegetable garden to “a mountain of treasure.” It’s a childish, overwrought sentiment, but when confronted with thousands of vegetables in a rainbow of deep, rich color, I have to agree. So, I came home with several plastic bags of […]

27 Jul 07

I’ve been getting mediocre, bland, cheap-American-beer sleep all week. I’ve been getting up late as a result, which means no time to exercise in the morning. So I’ll get in a brisk walk here and there, but nothing really solid. Which may explain my mediocre sleep. Plus, it’s been hot. Well, duh; it’s late July. […]

26 Jul 07

I left work early today to attend a Toastmasters meeting. This is my second time at a Toastmasters event; the first was at a small club that couldn’t really find members; this is a larger club (about six regular members) that’s been going for months. Good people, interesting topics, and some really great speeches. I’m […]

25 Jul 07

Today, I began work in earnest on my new project at RC/STS: RCVA. It’s a desktop, instruments-only flight simulator aimed at small training facilities. We build an application that contains all the panels you’d find on a given aircraft (throttle, airspeed, etc.), and sell it off. The application development process involves copying a lot of […]

22 Jul 07

And I’m back. And I’m exhausted. I had a great weekend with Saalon and Nick at Otakon; the con is always much more fun with friends. We had a pretty standard experience. Watched some anime, bought some fun stuff at the dealer’s room (little figurines, Gundam model kits, bags, etc.), and went to a few […]

19 Jul 07

Leaving today for Otakon. Probably won’t blog again until at least Sunday. Do something really cool this weekend, okay?

17 Jul 07

Just finished watching The Last Unicorn for the first time. I know several people who love this film. They all saw it first when they were kids. And I think that explains their love. I just don’t think it’s a great film. Why? Well, I’m no big fan of America’s music; it’s okay, but it’s […]

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