31 Jul 07

Hot today. Full-scale summer hot. Not brutally oppressive, not yet; that’s for August. But when there’s a good twenty degree difference between outside and outside, you don’t stay out much.

Which is a shame. If I were still a kid, I’d love this weather. You can work up a good sweat when it’s hot. Run around, chase a ball, play in a creek, and just let yourself get soaked with sweat. You don’t care so much about comfort when you’re eight.

It was a good day at work. Found out that there were some problems with the data resulting from my scripts, but that it’s all due to problems in the original data, not my script. So I’ve washed my hands of that.

I also feel good because I have a new short story in second draft form, and I dusted off an old one and tweaked it, and I think it’s worth sending out there. I’ll probably give them both to the writer’s group soon.

So, a productive day. Now I’m torn between diving into Grave Thoughts, my next comic, or wandering the neighborhood with my camera and an open eye. It’s a good choice to have.

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