8 Jul 07

Two everyday objects in my life, and the quality of their design:

Good design: My wristwatch. The leather strap conforms to the shape of my wrist, and it’s light enough that I barely noticed its weight. The face is large enough to be easily seen in the dark. It numbers every other hour: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. This allows those numbers to be large. To activate the baclight, I push the little dial on the side in. Easy to do, even if my other hand is otherwise somewhat engaged.

Poor design: The tops of Yankee Candles. The lids are so heavy that I often find myself off-balance when removing the lid. I’ve nearly dropped the candle a few times. Lids are supposed to be light, especially compared to the baes object; all other lids are.

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