12 Aug 07

Today is best described as relaxation to busy-ness. Gah, horribly phrased. Anyway.

After yesterday’s relaxation, I spent this morning and early afternoon at my parents’ house, then bought some plants on the way home, got home, and pushed myself to really get some stuff accomplished.

Completed: two loads of laundry, a loaf of bread, a batch of cookies, planting flowers, preparing party invitations, rewriting a script for work, and watching a disc of anime. In five hours.

So now I want my bed. Which is a very good thing.

Though before I slip between the sheets, I want to write a bit about that disc of anime. It was disc two of Gad Guard, a series that almost nobody Stateside has seen. Came out a few years ago, and just caught no audience. I bought it mainly because I bought so much anime back then, and there was comparatively little to buy.

It’s a joy. It’s a mecha series, yes, but it’s retro and fun and well-written. The characters are worried about their actions. They question their own morality. They each have different motivations. And there’s a lovely action sequence in every episode. And it means something; it’s a battle of perspectives and beliefs, not just fists and metal.

So wonderful to rediscover a gem.

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