6 Aug 07

Today begins a week of on-site training at work. I’m sequestered with a dozen co-workers in a classroom all week. We’re running through a bunch of test scenarios with our new SAP system. My co-workers are all good people, but the experience itself is a frustrating interruption to my other work.

I’m still a little surprised at the corporate fiats that demand software integration like that. We have to use SAP now. I’ve personally witnessed the hundreds of hours that it’s taking out of several important people just at my location. It’s probably costing thousands of man-hours of work. Work that would otherwise be making us more profitable. Instead, we’re switching our financial systems to different software.

Ah well. I got home and got domestic. After eating a plate of spaghetti, I made some root beer candies, did a load of laundry, and waxed some of my wood floor. This is all undoubtedly because Mandy and my parents came over after church yetserday for lunch (well, Mandy went with me to St. James Episcopal in the morning).

I rarely clean (except important locations like the kitchen). However, I’ve realized recently that this is because I rarely have anyone in the house. It’s just me, and I can live with a little dust. But now that I have folks over occasioanlly, I want the place to look nice.

This, in turn, is undoubtedly because of my incessant pride. I desperately want everyone to feel impressed by me. Which has some useful outlets—like cleaning—but it colors so many of my decisions that I get worried.

Ah well. Perhaps sleep, the great street-sweeper of the mind, will hand me a wondrous revelation. Or I’ll dream about a man being constantly electrocuted, as I did last night.

Sometimes, I want so much to figure out my motivations. Other times, I think maybe I’d be better off not diving further into the murky depths of my psyche.

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