9 Aug 07

A respite from Thor’s Hammer of Heat: a storm blew in and dropped the temperature by twenty degrees or so around lunchtime. It’s positively beautiful outside, except for the gray skies and occasional portly drops of rain.

A good day at work, spent mostly listening to and commenting on discussions about processes moving forward. It’s still far removed from actual profit-generating work, but it was easy and interesting and should make some peoples’ work less painful down the road.

Then home, and another episode of Pani Poni Dash (a fantastic little spastic anime comedy), and one of Brain Powerd (an incomprehensible epic mecha series). Then a call to Saalon, and I waxed my living room. Which was not the terrible chore it might seem like. I can zone out while waxing. Um, so to speak. Anyway, I want to get my downstairs floor shiny, and there’s nothing like three coats of wax to do it. So, I can wax half of it one night, half of it the next, etc. for six days, and it’s done.

Which is a good thing.

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