1 Sep 07

I realized several years ago that, despite living near Washington, D.C. all my life, I hadn’t been to the museums in over a decade. It’s a common malady: you don’t experience the things that are close, because they’re close. They’re mundane. You keep telling yourself, “Oh, I can do that any time.”

So, every year I go in to D.C. and wander the museums, and today was my day for it. And it was glorious. Perfect temperatures, non-painful crowds, and the confidence that comes from several repeated attempts at something. I’m used to D.C. now.

Nothing really new, though. New pictures will be appearing on the site’s sidebar, of course, but other than that, I just wandered the museums.

Which is good. I’m painlessly (joyfully!) maintaining my familiarity with my environment.

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