2 Sep 07

A bit of a wash this morning, but I refuse to let it keep me down. I awoke late and lazed around in bed all morning, then drove straight to my parents’ house to go to lunch and traverse a nearby garden with them. Had a grand time.

Then, home for an hour so I could review my projects and generally clean up, after which I drove to Mandy for a game night with her and a few friends. Had a wonderful time there, as expected. Spent much of the night just chatting on her back porch, beneath the stars.

She lives a bit of a distance from the city lights, and I was delighted to look up and see the Milky Way. Just…right there.

And I remembered that the first line of Giant Armors (my young adult novel) begins with a reference to the Milky Way. Perhaps that’s a sign that I should work to get it published.

(Which, at this point, requires half an hour reviewing my cover letter, and emailing an agent. I just always manage to find other things to do.)

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