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My New Podcast – Otaku, No Video

Saalon, a friend named Nick, and I have been working on a fun little project for the past month or so. It takes some time to get three people together on a regular schedule. Now that the schedule’s stabilized, I’m now announcing our new podcast. We’re doing a podcast called Otaku, No Video, a series […]

Akamai State of the Internet Report

The huge internet storage site Akamai recently released their first “state of the internet” report, where they detail internet traffic patterns. There are some very interesting trends. For example, while the three countries with the most internet traffic were China, the U.S., and Taiwan (no surprise), the next three were Venzuela, Argentina, and Brazil. Turkey’s […]

Ning—Less Than I’d Hoped

I heard Leo Laporte talk about Ning the other day on TWiT Live, so I decided to check it out. Ning’s an online community builder. Think of it as a toolbox with templates for online groups, complete with forums, space for photos and videos, and all that. So, if you want to talk with a […]

Johnny Bunko and His Career

Just finished—literally, just—a career management book called The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need. It’s pretty short, it’s got good advice, and it’s got great art. It needs to be : it’s a manga. This sort of thing is commonplace in Japan, where you’ll find how-to manga on just about […]

Incentives and Work

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About a great many things. I’m tremendously fortunate in being able to pursue a freelance career. While I don’t have a lot of cash to throw at this venture, I’ll be fine for at least a few more months. Far more than most can manage. But I haven’t been […]

Visiting a Local Carnival

For my weekly adventure, I checked Upcoming for a list of events in my area, and noticed a carnival nearby. So I went. Carnivals are usually much more fun in memory than in present. Carnivals should be fun, exciting, lively, with a hint of danger. You always wonder what the carnies do behind the plywood. […]

Lagend, a colorful comic

One of my favorite webcomics, North World, had a guest strip today by Nick Daniel of 70 Seas, so I decided to check out 70 Seas. It’s got a unique art style, and I mean well by that. Heads are mostly spheres, colors are bright but clear, everything is hand-drawn (including the lettering), and the artist has a thus-far-flawless sense of panel composition and timing. The art style appears to be a fusion of manga, furry, […]

Upcoming Events from Upcoming

Seems like every week I stumble on another great service offered by Yahoo!. I’m no fan of its main site, but I love many of its services, including Games, Flickr, and GeoCities. Here’s one I’ve been using a lot: Upcoming. You enter your zip code, and the site returns a list of events happening near […]

Internet Comedy That Doesn’t Suck?

Every time I try to write about Loading Ready Run, I end up with a dry essay. Which is the antithesis of Loading Ready Run. LRR is an online comedy team. Which immediately conjures up images of college-age guys making cheap videos and desperately trying to be funny; folks who see Saturday Night Live and […]

How to Critique Fiction

I’m just back from writer’s group, in which I received critiques on a fantasy short story of mine. Scott, the critiquer, always gives great critiques. Here’s why: He’s detailed. As he writes, if anything strikes him as strange, out-of-place, or awkward, he immediately notes it in the margins. This is incredibly valuable, as I try […]

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