Akamai State of the Internet Report

The huge internet storage site Akamai recently released their first “state of the internet” report, where they detail internet traffic patterns. There are some very interesting trends.

For example, while the three countries with the most internet traffic were China, the U.S., and Taiwan (no surprise), the next three were Venzuela, Argentina, and Brazil. Turkey’s also in the top 10. What’s going on in South America?

Web site hacks continued, and the scale just astounds me. One attack in January 2008 infected up to 70,000 different websites. Two months later, over 10,000 web pages were infected by hackers trying to steal online game passwords.

How many unique internet IP addresses are used in each country? The U.S. has the most, followed by China and Japan…then Germany.

So, there are lots of smaller countries out there doing a lot of internet work. More so than I would have expected. I wonder what that will mean for the future? How well do you know German?

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