Visiting a Local Carnival

For my weekly adventure, I checked Upcoming for a list of events in my area, and noticed a carnival nearby. So I went.

Carnivals are usually much more fun in memory than in present. Carnivals should be fun, exciting, lively, with a hint of danger. You always wonder what the carnies do behind the plywood. What lives do they lead, what secrets will they never tell?

This was a small carnival, and the company’s based in this state. The website promises safety and courtesy, and that’s what you get: about a dozen rides, half a dozen games of chance, and another half-dozen food stands. Nicely spread out, but at mid-afternoon on a hot day, the bright sunlight bleaches away the suspense and hints of danger.

So I had a hot dog, and a huge piece of frozen cheesecake on a stick, dipped in chocolate. The carnies were pleasant enough, if bored, and it was just too small.

Perhaps I should go back at night. Everything changes at night.

Either way, here are a few photos:

UPDATE: I went back the next night, and they closed at dusk. So I only got a few more photos of the rides as night fell. Disappointing, but at least I got a few interesting photos out of it.

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