Charging up Napoleon Hill

I’ve heard positive things about Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, so I grabbed the free sample for my Kindle, and have been reading it over the past few days.

It’s the Law of Attraction, but presented in the way that I’ve found true: that which you focus on, and consistently strive for, will come to life faster and easier than you expect.

While this works with just about any goal, Hill starts with money, and presents a six-step system:

  1. Write down exactly how much money you want. Work out how much you really want.
  2. Write down a specific date when you want to have this money.
  3. Write down what you’re willing to give up to get this. You can’t get something for nothing. This payment can be in time, resources, short-term money, etc.
  4. Write down a plan for how you’re going to get that money by that date. Nothing complex. And start executing this plan.
  5. Rewrite the above into a brief English description, such as “By November 30th, I’m going to have $5,000 in the bank, by publishing thirty programming articles.”
  6. Repeat this description aloud twice a day, once when you get up and once as you go to bed. Fix this in your mind. Make it a constant thought in the back of your head.

So, I’m trying it. My goal is: By November 30th, I’ll be making $3,000 per month by tutoring, and writing code, short stories, and articles.

I spent the last hour reviewing short stories for submission to various magazines. Odd; I’ve only performed half a dozen short story submissions in the past few years, despite knowing that when you get a rejection from one magazine, you should immediately send the story to another magazine. I now wonder why I haven’t been doing that.

Now to see if this works long-term. And how much money I’ll be making on November 30th.

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