Tenacity and Tech

So, a few years ago there was this TV channel called Tech TV. And the most popular show on that channel was The Screen Savers, a call-in tech variety show in which two guys and a crew of geeks covered all sorts of technology news and trends and such.

Then, Tech TV died.

So what did they do? They dusted themselves off and looked for jobs in new media.

One of them started Digg. One of them created DL.tv.

But I want to talk about Leo Laporte, who has since started The TWiT Netcast Network. He began producing free podcasts, then looked for advertisers. He only takes on advertisers who he personally supports, and he provides a live advertisement for their services or products directly in the podcasts themselves (instead of inserting an annoying, pre-generated ad).

Then he signed up with Stickam, set up a few cameras, and began streaming live video of his shows as he records and assembles them. It required a significant amount of money, but way less than a typical studio.

His podcasts now have tens of thousands of listeners, and thousands watch his live streams. Today, he’s announced that he’s breaking even, and his list of advertisers grows.

He’s living the dream. Not through massive financial resources or brilliant marketing or incredibly hard work. Because he dreamed of something, and tenaciously worked towards it.

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