What I Think of My Kindle After 6 Months

I’ve written before about my Kindle, and how much I’ve used it (I read 3 books in the first week). Now that I’ve had it for 6 months, my passion has cooled.

I still enjoy my Kindle, and I’m glad I bought it. I like being able to read the WSJ any time I want to, without dealing with a paper. I occasionally flip it open and read a bit more of a novel.

But I only use my Kindle every week or two now. I have free books from the library, compared to paying a few dollars for Kindle versions. And I’m not as mobile as I was, so I don’t benefit from having a dozen books at my side all the time. I have a thousand books right here.

But I’m still glad I bought it. It’s certainly much more convenient for books that my library doesn’t have, and I do believe that devices like the Kindle are the wave of the future.

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