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Sweet Potato Apple Casserole

I love Halloween. A few weeks ago, as I cruised a nearby Ben Franklin for Halloween decorations, I stumbled upon an excellent little magazine of Halloween recipes, ideas, costume patterns, etc. Inside was a recipe for sweet potato apple casserole, and my goodness, every bite tastes like autumn. Software 3 pounds sweet potatoes 4 medium […]

Writing It Down

If you don’t write things down, you’ll forget them. We all know this. We’ve been told this by our parents. We have an idea or we suggest some improvement, and someone says, “You’d better write that down or you’ll forget it.” But most people don’t do it. They nod, and laugh, and they go on […]

Jonathan Coulton

Last week I blogged about Geoff Smith, a “geek musician.” Today, I’m going to blog about arguably the biggest geek musician, Jonathan Coulton. He’s undoubtedly best known for composing the end credits song for the game Portal, “Still Alive,” though he also wrote the programmer anthem “Code Monkey.” They’re both great little songs. He’s written much more music than that. In fact, he’s written dozens […]

Tame multiple mailboxes with OpenInbox

One problem with modern websites: the dependence on email. Every site wants your email address, and send you email to verify your account, and email you occasional notices. But some of these sites give out your address to other, less…useful sites. Moreover, it’s hard to keep track of all those emails. Enter OpenInbox. When you […]

My Website Design Portfolio

As I’ve been trying to set up my freelancing business, I’ve had a difficult time getting work. And much of that revolved around my experience. After going through all the sites I’ve worked on, I realized that I only finished a few sites. And several of those were internal company sites that I could no […]

Scam from Golden Living (formerly Beverly Enterprises)?

Please note the comments on this post. I may very well have been wrong on this one. Today, I received a letter from “Golden Living (formerly Beverly Enterprises).” This company runs nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I twas originally sent to a “Mary Newhall” near me (and I’m from a small family with no nearby relatives named “Newhall”), but was redirected to me. It reads: DEAR FRIEND: […]

Geoff Smith, Geek Musician

I first heard of Geoff Smith on TWiT Live, through his fan song I’m a Twit. It was a fun homage to the show, so I checked out his music. The man’s composed quite a few tech-oriented songs, and he has the distinct advantage of being both a good singer and a good songwriter. His songs are catchy, entertaining, light, and easy to listen to. And most of his songs have a tech angle, from the anti-RIAA […]

Houses of the Blooded

Saalon and I have talked before about the future of tabletop roleplaying. It started with the fantasy hack-and-slash of Dungeons & Dragons in the 1970’s, followed by the introduction of generic systems like GURPS and FUDGE in the 1980’s (allowing for modern games, science fiction games, etc.), and the explosion of more open and acting-driven […]

True Narcissism vs. Reality

‘Twas talking with my Mom this weekend about a friend of ours; we’ll call her “Betty.” Betty has issues with certain members of her family, who are making some very difficult decisions that go against the grain of Betty’s upbringing. These family members are doing what’s best for them—what will keep them safe and sane […]

Dead Poet’s Society

So I watched Dead Poet’s Society a couple of months ago. I’d heard it was good, but never really got around to it. It knocked my socks off. First off, it’s beautiful. The cinematographer goes to great lengths to capture the beauty of prep school grounds in New England. From the fiery colors of the […]

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