Dead Poet’s Society


So I watched Dead Poet’s Society a couple of months ago. I’d heard it was good, but never really got around to it.

It knocked my socks off.

First off, it’s beautiful. The cinematographer goes to great lengths to capture the beauty of prep school grounds in New England. From the fiery colors of the forest in autumn to a heavy winter snowfall, the movie just looks gorgeous.

Secondly, it’s not about Robin Williams. In fact, he’s only in a few scenes, and in them he plays a quiet, bookish, somewhat eccentric literature professor. Nothing wild about him at all.

Third, it’s about growing up. It’s about a bunch of boys who realize the need to carpe diem. Who realize that just doing what they’re supposed to do isn’t enough.

And the film’s infused with great poetry. Classic poetry. Poetry to make one feel like the top of one’s head had been taken off, to use Emily Dickinson’s phrase.

It’s a grand film.

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