Tame multiple mailboxes with OpenInbox


One problem with modern websites: the dependence on email. Every site wants your email address, and send you email to verify your account, and email you occasional notices.

But some of these sites give out your address to other, less…useful sites. Moreover, it’s hard to keep track of all those emails.

Enter OpenInbox. When you sign up, you get your own subdomain, (your name).openinbox.com. So, I snagged brentnewhall.openinbox.com. The website gives you web-based email. Any email sent to any address at (your name).openinbox.com will show up in your OpenInbox inbox. Moreover, all your email will be listed and sorted by the address.

So, when I register at a new website, I can make up an email address just for it: kagami@brentnewhall.openinbox.com. The next one might be nagato@brentnewhall.openinbox.com. My inbox at OpenInbox will show all the emails to all these addresses, listed under “kagami” or “nagato”.

Instant organization, and easy tracking of which sites use which email. A lovely solution. And it’s free.

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