Post to Several Twitter Accounts at Once with Matt


Twitter’s great; it lets you keep in touch with lots of people.

For those of you who’ve already jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon, you may have heard of folks who have several Twitter accounts. I have 4 — my main account (BrentNewhall), BrentRPG for an online game I play through Twitter, OtakuNoVideo for my podcast, and Gunwave for announcements about my online game.

How do I manage them all? Through Matt, the “Multi-Account Twitter Tweeter” (now defunct). It’s an online service where, after you create an account, you add the username and password for each of your Twitter accounts. From Matt, you can post to one, some, or all of your Twitter accounts, all from one page.

What’s even more cool: Matt was built in 4 days by a development team, just to see if they could do it. See the full story.

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