Something’s Going On. It’s Called Life.


My Christmases have always been quiet. I may spend more time than usual shopping or baking, but I’m able to keep up with everything.

Not this year. A perfect storm kept me busy every hour of every day for the past several weeks. I was left breathless.

After several wonderful, quiet days at home this past weekend, I’ve recharged. I’m back to “normal,” whatever that is.

I’m analyzing these busy weeks. I’ve since re-negotiated several things that were holding me back, such as teaching, which I don’t need to do as much of now. I’ve also looked at my work. I made a lot of cookies, which were great, but did I really need to make that many? Could I have made fewer, and still delighted people? Yes, and I would have better managed my time had I looked at that more closely.

Because time is precious. There are so many things left in my life that I want to accomplish and experience, and do so fully. Not rush through so I can tick them off a list, but deeply experience an autumn in Maine or a week in Japan or an afternoon at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

And one key to achieving that is constant re-appraisal of your life. Trivial things constantly battle for our attention. We must fight them. And live.

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