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A new GURPS 4E Character Generator

I’m working on a role-playing campaign setting — a whole city, ripe for adventure. I plan to publish it as one big document, complete with maps, locations, characters, etc. I decided this setting would benefit from a few appendices that list statistics for the major antagonists, according to several popular role-playing systems. That would mean […]

Review and Contemplations on Making It All Work

It’s funny what disappoints people. Years ago, David Allen created a productivity system called Getting Things Done, which I’ve talked about quite a lot here on the blog. He recently published a new book, Making It All Work, and the GTD community has gotten excited about what new gems of wisdom it might contain. There’s […]

The Guerilla Art Kit

So, a couple of weeks ago I was in a fancy stationery store, which sells all sorts of satisfyingly tactile papers, pens, sealing wax, etc. Which was where I looked down and saw a book called the Guerilla Art Kit. It’s a celebration of public artwork, such as posters and stickers posted on public buildings […]


For those of us who actually create media, it can be really hard to find good music that you can publish as part of your own work. Whether it’s a trailer, a music video, or a larger work like a film, licensing can be really complicated. Which is what makes sites like so wonderful. […]

The Abominable Charles Christopher

There are so many good webcomics. And so many good artists. The Abominable Charles Christopher updates only once a week, and it’s a four-panel strip, so not much happens. It’s slow. And it’s beautiful and emotionally involving. It’s drawn by an artist who works at LucasArts, so its beauty should not be surprising. But the […]

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