The Guerilla Art Kit


So, a couple of weeks ago I was in a fancy stationery store, which sells all sorts of satisfyingly tactile papers, pens, sealing wax, etc. Which was where I looked down and saw a book called the Guerilla Art Kit.

It’s a celebration of public artwork, such as posters and stickers posted on public buildings and signs. More destructive forms include graffiti, but this celebrates less permanent forms of public expression.

The author points out that public spaces benefit from artistic expression. The creation of beautiful artwork, and posting them publicly, helps society. Imagine the random people who stumble upon a cheerful sticker or thought-provoking quote taped to an out-of-the-way wall.

It’s also psychologically freeing. It says a lot about a person who’s willing to display their homemade artwork in a public space.

The book provides dozens of different ideas for guerilla art, from the easy (chalk art) to the daring.

So, it has lots of neat idea, and it just might push a few folks to try something outside their culture zone that expands their creativity. Sounds good to me.

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