Seth Godin


Ahhh, I love Seth Godin. Some folks disagree with him, sure, but I think they miss his point.

Seth’s been preaching about marketing for quite a few years now, specifically about its need to change. Spewing demands to buy products at people…no longer works. People ignore that now.

And this goes much deeper than advertising, of course, which is what interests me so much. How do you Get The Word Out? About anything? Not by buying traditional ads, and certainly not by making traditional ads.

You do it by making remarkable things, and by talking about it in remarkable ways. Remark-able…able to be remarked upon. Worth remarking on, worth talking about.

I still haven’t learned that lesson. With Otaku, No Video, my podcast, one of the first things I did was set up some Google AdWords. Which haven’t improved our stats at all.

We need to be remarkable. Just like Seth says.

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