Why You Should Use Vimeo Instead Of YouTube


YouTube is the grand-daddy of online video sites. But it’s not the only online video site.

Vimeo is one of the sites aiming to take on YouTube. They’re doing it by focusing on a slightly different audience:

  • Vimeo actively pushes its users to upload only personal videos. This isn’t a place to post TV clips or anime.
  • Vimeo promotes a community atmosphere. It’s a bunch of people, sharing personal thoughts and their own entertainment.
  • Vimeo has high-quality video, by default. A normal video on Vimeo looks better than a normal video on YouTube, to my eyes certainly.

It’s also easy to use (despite being bought by Google, YouTube still feels cluttered to me), and Vimeo videos have fewer inane comments than on YouTube. I think that’s partly an effect of Vimeo’s community, and partly attributable to their relative size.

Still. It’s a very nice video site, and when I post videos, I prefer to put them on Vimeo if just because they look better and don’t get stuffed with pointlessly negative comments.

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