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What’s to Love about Gundam Wing

Note: I’ve skipped two shows. After ZZ Gundam came Victory Gundam, which I’m less than a quarter of the way into. Gundam’s overall popularity waned when the ultra-depressing Victory was released, so toy company Bandai (a long-time commercial collaborator with Sunrise) bought out Sunrise and suggested new Gundam series set in separate universes. That resulted […]

Change The Way You Read

Forgot to mention: I have a Kindle DX. Not sure how to describe it, as I’m not sure how much you all know about Kindles. Where to start? The Kindle is Amazon’s electronic book reader. The DX is the latest in their line, and larger than the previous Kindle 1 and Kindle 2. The screen’s […]

Why ZZ Gundam Might Be Worth Watching, Maybe

Spoilers are hardest in this review. My enjoyment of this show hinges on several characters and plot points that reference the previous show. So, the first part of this review has no spoilers, and the last half will be clearly marked as spoiler territory so I can explain my love. I’ve enjoyed every Gundam series […]

The New Workers

I was reading a Wall Street Journal article about the problems of graduating college this year. The author points out that, with the economy, job seekers will have to either make less than they anticipated, or start in a different industry than they wanted to. Good. We no longer live in a society where you […]

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